I was thinking of buying one of these 2 boards I will probably go for the WowGo 2 but my biggest fear is getting the backwheels worn since those are hub motors wheels and I dont know if there are replacement rubber tire available or even if they are possible to be replaced. Check out the new exo board by CarvON. You wont have that problem with it since its a direct drive with full urathane wheels. I will keep you updated regarding the shipping in case someone is interested in buying the same board.

For record, I live in Barcelona, so usually the shipping is faster than any other city in Spain appart from Madrid.

Meepo ER battery - Esk8 revolution

My lid came off, if properly done the upper shell is replaceable by just removing screws, unfortunately they are not sold separately. Better would be motor specified for 42V. I now have over miles on the board, and still going strong. And I think I can still take apart the motor from the other side where the screws are, if I ever need to do further maintenance.

How has your experience been with this board? Been thinking about purchasing it as a gift for someone who is a beginner. Thank you.

I love it! Because the controller has 3 modes low, medium and high I think its quite suitable for a beginner. I lifted the board and one of the motors was not spinning, I turned off the board, turned it on again, and the problem disapeared and never happened again.

Thank you for the reply. How often do you ride it and what do you think about the quality of the board after 3 months of use? Thanks again. I use it almost everyday since I use to go to university and come back home arround 10km. I bought the version with the km and I would say the range is more like 16km cause after that the board looses torque and speed and the ride is quite less enjoyable. Plus the wheels are quite big so its quite confortable to ride in most surfaces.

Electric Skateboard Battery

Dude, were u able to replace this PU? Any thoughts on that? Starting Tips Ask Questions Categories. Hi, I was thinking of buying one of these 2 boards I will probably go for the WowGo 2 but my biggest fear is getting the backwheels worn since those are hub motors wheels and I dont know if there are replacement rubber tire available or even if they are possible to be replaced.

The only problem you get is waiting for delivery. They are some what replaceable, only if you have some good skill and time to spare…. Thanks for sharing. It looks like a good deal for the price.

meepo board battery replacement

RichieL August 10,pm There are some questions that I have when I started out learning about eskate: 1 What are the things that separate good batteries from the bad batteries? This post is written for newcomers to the electric skateboard world, riders who are not looking to build or tinker with their electric skateboard but nevertheless want to know what they are putting their money into and want a crash course to understand batteries and how to compare batteries between commercial boards.

For someone new, trying to understand the battery of an electric skateboard can be an overwhelming experience. I will try to make this short and concise, and hopefully, by the end of it, you will know what you are shopping for when you are looking at battery specifications. Batteries have an impact on performance such as torque, speed as well as durability, life-cycle and safety. The quality of a battery pack also affects the significant of voltage sag.

Voltage Sag will happen to any battery, however, the better the quality of the battery and the stronger the battery pack, the lesser the impact the sag will have or later on in life the voltage sag occur.

One of the infamous battery stories that we see in the Eskate world involves the Evolve board battery. At times, the battery level would also drop when going up hills, making the board automatically switch into a slower riding mode — something that frustrates countless Evolve riders.

meepo board battery replacement

The sag went away and performance dramatically improved. This is one example of how the quality and size of a battery pack can impact the performance of a board. Another case study involves when Meepo first implemented a battery upgrade, going from v1. This all happened when the other parts of the board, including the size of the battery, were kept the same.

Also improves the efficiency of the battery hence range. If the voltage is too low, the board will not have enough torque. This affects the top speed. Most electric skateboards need their batteries to be at least 30A continuous. This affects the range. Ampere Hours is definitely one of the most used specs when a company markets their board.

The power that a battery can output in one hour. WattHours is the total battery size and an even better indicator of range. Air travel regulation mostly limits battery to 99WH and under, though for different airlines different rules apply. Check out my eskate air-travel guide. Series and Parallel eg 10s1p, 12s2p — are the configuration for how the battery cells are connected. Among these 3, Li-ion battery is the most common among commercial boards, while LiPo more popular among hobbyist — and there are reasons for that.

Li-Po, however, have significant downsides that limit their use in commercial boards. For one, they are less safe and could start a fire if not handled properly — something that no company wants as a liability. On top of that, they have a shorter life-cycle compared to a Li-ion and LiFePo4 battery. As battery prices are pretty much fixed for the momentsome companies will try to circumvent the size and price problem by using Li-Po instead of Li-ion eg, the Pomelo board is a recent example. Li-ion battery usually already come with BMS installed, so it is more of a plug and play.

So a Li-ion Lithium-Ion battery is basically what everyone is using right now. Although it is weaker than the LiPo as I mentioned, it has a longer lifecycle, is easier to handle and is a lot safer.

Best of both worlds? What is the catch then? There are two main downsides. One — they are expensive to produce and; two — they cannot be sourced easily so not many companies use them — Boosted and the Arc Boards being the main two who do.That is becuase those places are where Kieran, the man behind Meepo connects with fellow Eskaters. Also that is where his customer rave about Meepo and how helpful Kieran has been when if they encounter problems on their Meepo.

As a skateboarder and a longboarder, he was first introduced to electric skateboard through a TED talk, delivered by none other than Sanjay Dastour from Boosted Board. So Kieran went and joined a major electric skateboard manufacturer and reseller in China.

It was awesome, at least part of it was; as the marketing manager, he gets to try out different electric skateboards from different brands. The way most Chinese manufacturers conduct their business is to push sales at all cost.

Boards with quality issues were knowingly sold to customers. When those boards inevitably broke down, they were returned for refund and repair, which end up costing the company money. In Aprilwith the ease of access to all the parts and manufacturers, Kieran started building a board for himself to use. He started from what he has and with some mix and matches, got a board that has the performance that he was satisfied with.

He showcased the board on Youtube to try to get the attention from retailers hoping for some B2B business opportunity. Instead, what Kieran got was the interest of some viewers abroad. Some of the viewers expressed interest to buy the board, and after some back and forth, the first Kieran-made-electric skateboard was sold to a viewer from the US. Today, Meepo is a 3 person company with Kieran manning the helm, making all the product decisions.

Kieran’s Meepo: The person, the board, the story.

The company is scrapping by, recording around sales since its recent founding late June When Kieran put together Meepo, the chief focus is the riding experience. Many people care a lot about the battery range, but what is the use of extended range if traveling on that E- skate is intolerable? It would just extend an unenjoyable experience.

When putting together the Meepo, the battery has been the one that gave me the most headache. ESC is simpler, I chose a good one and the rest is just making sure my firmware is up to date.

I would like to play around with different motors but the truth is, with my size right now, there are limits on what I can do with the motor. People may say Samsung or LG battery cells is good. I have to get Samsung cells in model 22P to get the best performance. And When building the BMS, it is important to know how the ESC is programmed, what is the consistent current drain needed, and what is the max current the battery can provide in a stable manner.

For one, there was the issue where when braking with a full or near full battery, the board may turn off as the regenerative braking will be charging the battery over its max capacity.

I have a stretch of downhill road in the beginning of my commute and I would be afraid every time going down it, frightened by the prospect that my board will power off.

Neither do I want to skate around to drain some battery before I go downhill. We worked together to tweak the BMS so that battery overcharging would not happen and the brake would not fail that easily.

Now, every time I get a new batch of batteries, I will test them out in my everyday commute to make sure that they are good.The ridiculously powerful V3 with its Robust Watt per hub motor W total only takes 4. Meepo V3 Battery's can be changed in less than 2 minutes, allowing for increased ranges. The V3's smart, smooth, responsive throttle remote delivers 4 ride modes and a cruise control system that allows you to ride effortlessly.

The V3's new remote also features a screen, to show you speed, odometer, trip meters, battery life and more. The Meepo V3 is lightweight weighing in at only 16 lbs yet extremely durable, with its shock-absorbing shredder trucks and ability to support weight of up to lbs. Braking is also greatly enhanced, as it gradually increases as the rider moves through the throttle, eliminating any jerks and smoothing out the ride.

The V3, and its new, upgraded, intelligent V6. The V3 is one of the reasons Meepo is one of the fastest growing e-skateboard brands in the world. Introducing the smart, zero-emission, real-world range, comfortable, safe, Meepo V3.

Delivery Time may vary due to customs. Always wear a helmet when riding an electric skateboard. Turn the remote off whenever you step off the board. Temperature: Meepo Boards performs best between -5 to 42 degrees Celsius. Store at room temperature. For V3 Standard. For V3 ER. Got this for my boyfriend and he loves it! He always wanted a Boosted, but it was out of my price range and says this is very comparable.

Knew nothing about electric longboards prior to this purchase and Electric Boarding Company helped to point me in the right direction. I'm 62 years old ready to turn My wife of 40 years has passed away leaving me alone.

meepo board battery replacement

I now have to do what's best for me. I have longboard skateboard all my life.

What is your refund policy?

I have 2 Sectors 9, 2 Arbors, 2 Landyachtz, and one Donald takayama longboard. But now my world is turned upside down, I don't know which way is up let alone forward. So I went back to skateboarding to keep my sanity.

I have been kicking myself in the you-know-what because I didn't buy one sooner. I am now having the time of my life. Don't wait till it's too late. Most of life is not fun.Submit a request and let us know your email address and order number, we will help to cancel your order, and payment will be refunded within days. I recently requested a refund shortly after I purchased the board. I contacted Meepo three ways and have not heard a reply back. I have checked my bank account and the money was withdrew from my account.

Thanks for your comment. I just created another support ticket with your case in order to make sure you get a response asap. I contacted you guys to cancel my order ASAP and haven't received a response.

I told you if i didnt get my board before it snowed, i would cancel my order because there is no point. Please refund my order!! I sent a request, about my Meepo mini 2 cancellation, my order is MEEPO, I really need the money for an emergency, if so, how long do I have to wait for my refund.

Hi, I purchased a Meepo v3 and got it on December I really enjoy the board and have had it for a few months. Recently my board has been making a clacking noise in one wheel and tends to not go as fast as when I got it.

Please advise Sebastian. Please sign in to leave a comment. Can I return my product? We don't refund after your order has shipped out. We don't refund when there is an issue with the product you received, rather we fix the board in accordance with our warranty and send you free replacement parts in certain cases you might need to cover the shipping cost for it.

We don't accept returns. Seanronguyen September 01, Comment actions Permalink. Josh from Meepo Board September 01, David Kleschick September 02, Josh from Meepo Board September 02, Destiny September 09, Jake Trevor Bourke September 11, Edited. Mauricio Uresti November 07, Sebastian March 16, Powered by Zendesk.The boards come with a standard six month warranty which starts when you receive your electric skateboard. Exception: the Campus 2 has a three month warranty.

Hi Im been trying to get my mini 2 fix,and Maria keep asking the same question over and over and me telling her the same, I have to call my bank to cancelled the payment, to get a refund, still today send the pictures and nothing to fix it, I will talk to my bank if this week somebody do something unless I have a board the doesn't work as promise.

Josh I have been contact for Maria but she doesn't understand she keep asking same questions, I wrote to u to and nothing, looks like no warranty want to stand for customer is just a question after question, Im not a engineer 3 weeks asking for solutions and nothing. I'm having problems with my remote control with my board. The remote stopped turning on and would flash sometimes if you shook it.

I opened the remote up and the battery ribbon was snapped. I've had my board and remote since Aug So it hasn't even been a month and the controller stopped working. Their customer service is awful. I have sent 3 requests for my board to be repaired or sent out a new part. It will randomly turn off while I am riding.

I have never heard back. I have had my board since July and it is under warranty and I want it fixed. I spend a lot and I expect them to contact me and fix the problem. The customer support seems pretty bad now. They closed a ticket of mine without even confirming they would ship a replacement ESC, and I sent in a second ticket and have not heard from someone since. I have sent multiple requests regarding a replacement battery I am well within warranty.

I haven't had the board 2 weeks before the BMS failed on me. All of the cells are reading at the proper voltage but the BMS that came installed in the battery pack was of low quality and poorly soldered.If you're in the viewing area, turn on the Red Zone. This is a big one--and a potential playoff matchup in January. After a road game last week, don't be shocked if the Vikings trip up. Carolina's defense will make things difficult on Case Keenum and Cam Newton will win this one with his legs.

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meepo board battery replacement

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